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Entreprise :NOIAA LTD
Ville :Douala
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NOIAA Corporation is a leading company in various On/Offshore and Marine consultancy services mainly Safety Trainings. NOIAA Corporation was founded in 1975 with it Corporate Main Office located in 2425 West Loop South, (Suite 100) Houston, Texas 77027 USA. NOIAA Corp is a diversified conglomerate with subsidiaries called NOIAA LTD, MEA Operations which is found in between Dubai in the Middle East and Cape Limboh, Victoria now Limbe, Cameroon that covers the entire African continent, Western Australia 6000 - Perth, Australia that covers the Oceanic, called NOIAA Corp PTY LTD and 15 Western Parade, Great NORTH Road – Barnet EN5 1AH, London, UK called NOIAA LTD UK, that covers Europe. NOIAA Corporation is an On/Offshore Maritime Safety Training company serving high-risk industries, which specialized on both On/offshore Safety, Survival and Emergency Response Skills training programs.