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CDS Human Resources Ltd is a Cameroon based Onshore, Offshore company and we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified (Quality Management Systems)  Recruitment Services and Manpower Supply Company established to provide quality personnel and to change the perception of recruitment by devoting ourselves to the happiness of our clients, candidates, and staff . Providing complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff throughout Cameroon and other African Countries. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services .

Cameroons CDSHR provides highly qualified professionals and skilled labors to support with the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a short, medium and long term basis and also provides companies with optimized human resource solution that saves time and is cost effective. With dedicated and experienced professionals we are licensed to source and provide companies with the perfect fit for that job.

Procurement Services

Our company was formed with its main activities in Oil & Gas procurement, Oil & Gas Services.… 
Placement supply services

In the market filled with unskilled resources we believe in finding the best talent with our expertise.… 

Engineering Support Services

We are the leading Engineering Support Services recruitment agency in Cameroon serving companies in Cameroon and other… 

Recruitment Services

We offer a wide range of manpower recruitment agency services in Cameroon and other Africa countries through… 
Electrical manpower supply

We supply qualified electrical professionals on short or long term basis for rigs and any commercial installations.… 

Manpower agency
TECHNICAL MANPOWER SUPPLY AGENCY. In the Oil & Gas Industry, CDS HR LTD has vast experience in… 

Civil Construction
We have an enviable track record, providing management, engineering and skilled labour staff to the civil construction… 

Logistics services

We focuses on providing skilled workforce for various positions in warehousing, assembly, packaging, fulfilment, transportation and clerical… 

Marine manpower supply

Cameroon Manpower supply specialize in providing professionals and general support staff for the marine and rig industries.… 

Mechanical Construction

CDS Manpower Recruitment service is one of the few technical recruitment agencies offering a variety of jobs…