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Types de métiers recherchés
» Management, direction générale
» Métiers du BTP
» Production, maintenance, qualité
» BTP, construction
» Chimie, pétrochimie, matières premières, mines
» Environnement, recyclage
» Industrie pharmaceutique
Expérience professionnelle . Expérience > 10 ans
Expérience professionnelle: 
Life and Earth Sciences Teacher
Institut Polyvalent Nanfah (IPN)
09.2006 - 07.2009
 Description: Institut Polyvalent Nanfah (IPN) is a private secondary school hosting both technical and general school curriculum, for all grades. It has always been ranked among the top francophone secondary school in Douala.  Roles and responsibilities: • Helping students to develop important learning skills and good study habits useful in trade school or college education and creating engaging lesson plans, fostered culture of discovery and providing well-organized classroom structure to help students succeed in program. • Consulting with teachers from different disciplines to identify and adopt successful instructional strategies. • Setting class objectives, monitoring daily performance to give every student equal access to education. • Establishing and maintaining rapport with other staff, students, and parents to facilitate communication and academic progress, and met with parents to resolve conflicting educational priorities and issues.
Assistant Health and Safety Officer / Laboratory technician
CINPHARM (Compagnie industrielle pharmaceutique du Cameroun)
08.2009 - 10.2011
 Description: CINPHARM (Pharmaceutical Industrial Company) based in Douala was a pharmaceutical organization specialized in generic drugs manufacturing, and pharmaceutical researches against some tropical diseases.  Roles and responsibilities: • Inspection of permit to work at site before starting the work and witnessing training and toolbox talk. • Implementing environment and pollution control procedures at site. • Making sure I created a safe system of work for workers and also for visitors by making sure appropriate PPE are used in and around the laboratories and the production line. • Doing risk assessment and preparing Pre-Task Briefing (PTB) before work begins in the laboratories and the production line, and ensuring proper implementation of safety policies at site. • Ensuring the emergency evacuation plan for the site is available and updated and also checking the provision and maintenance of welfare facilities and preparing accident report and following up the documents.
Health Safety and Environment Officer
HYSACAM (Hygiene et Salubrité du Cameroun)
01.2012 - 02.2015
 Description: HYSACAM is the national company in Cameroon in charge of collecting the domestic and industrial wastes from various sites, to facilitate the disposal of the wastes and their recycling by third parties’ companies.  Roles and responsibilities: • Responsible for making sure I create a safe system of work for workers and also for visitors at the landfill by making sure appropriate PPE are used for the required job being done, and the safe operating procedures are followed at all times. Inspecting equipment, tools and working conditions. • Doing risk assessment and preparing Pre-Task Briefing (PTB) before work begins for the site, and issuing work permits for the various jobs being carried out on the landfill. • Carrying out site induction for new people coming on site, random safety inspection and survey of the landfill, and also making sure the site accesses are clearly defined and safe. • Preparing reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing regulatory and compliance data and trends, and producing concise reports for managers on Health and Safety matters, and advising Manager and colleagues of safe working practices. Ensuring Liaise with everyone at the chain of reporting.
Security Officer/ Safety Officer
Certis LLC / Farnek Security Services
03.2015 - 03.2021
 Description: Certis LLC and Farnek Security Services are leading security organization which provide various private security services to many organizations all over United Arab Emirates.  Roles and responsibilities: • Inspecting all the activities carried out by the contractors for the client. • Checking all method statement of the contractor before approval of work on site. • Contributing to develop the site Health and Safety Policy, health and safety procedures and plans, and ensuring the proper implementation of the safety policy at the site. • Developing and implementing safe system of work on the site and carrying out aaccident investigation and reporting to the project managementt. • Carrying out daily Tool Box Talk and Pre-Task briefing of site workers and my security team.
Connaissances approfondies en Microsoft Office ; Connaissances pratiques en gestion des déchets ; Connaissances approfondies en techniques de laboratoire ; Sens du leadership et de l'entrepreneuriat ; Habilité aux relations interpersonnelles ; Habilité à la communication écrite et parlée ; Compétances en rédaction de rapports ; Compétances en inspection des sites et investigations.
Formation . Bac+4
International General Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety
Nebosh (National Education Board of Occupational Health and Safety) U.K
09.2019 - 12.2019
Unit 1: international management of Occupational Health and Safety Unit 2: Controlling workplace hazards Unit 3: Practical application of Occupational Health and Safety
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Bafoussam - Bamenda - Bertoua - Buéa - Douala - Ebolowa - Garoua - Maroua - Ngaoundéré - Yaoundé - International
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