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Types de métiers recherchés
» Métiers du BTP
» Production, maintenance, qualité
» R&D, gestion de projets
Expérience professionnelle
Expérience entre 5 ans et 10 ans
» BTP, construction
» Chimie, pétrochimie, matières premières
» Ingénierie, études développement
» Métallurgie, sidérurgie
» Services autres
Expérience professionnelle: 
Depuis 02.2020
Operations Manager
George and Jerry Co. Ltd
 Developed, implemented operational policies  Risk assessment.  I am incharge of doing Qualitative and quantitative analysis  Consolidate a perfect Geophysical survey scheme.  Supervise all geophysical surveys and analyse data for drilling.  Achievement: Significantly increased project realisation from 15% to 65% within 3 months, developed and implemented business plans that improved cost efficiency
Depuis 12.2019
Managing Director
BELCOM Shawarma House
 Maintain positive and trust-based relations with partners, shareholders and authorities  Created assessment modules used to assess, manage and resolve problematic developments and situations.  Achievement: Designed and supervised the project from an idea to an execution. Today it’s a great company with 5 branches in Douala
Depuis 10.2018
Project Engineer
LANDO Company Ltd
 Designed and supervised all Drilling and construction Projects.  Designed the Geophysical survey protocol, selected the equipment to be used and supervise all surveys.  Designed water Production and distribution protocol.  Created a Preparation, scheduling and coordination strategy used to coordinate company projects.  Coordinate and access all basalt and  Achievement: Designed the Drilling project from scratch t finishing. Today it’s a great company with an annual turnover of more than 50 Million Frs CFA
08.2016 - 09.2018
Managing Director
BELCOM Industries Co. Ltd
 Designed and established company policies and legal guidelines that helped the project to attain goals.  Planned cost effective operations and market development activities  Supervised and motivated executives to attain maximum performances.  QHSE officer  Achievement: realised the project that won contracts. Expanded the shareholders and capital of company. Raised the company profitability from 5% to 18% within 5 months.
02.2018 - 08.2018
Country Mining Exert
Infrastruktur & Umwelt/CPAC
 Supervise, train and evaluate field technicians and surveyors.  Coordinate and work with other external authorities to enhance work  Acquisition and assembly and analysis of NW Regional Mining Data  Production of data Maps  Achievement: Propose a NW Mining Territorial plan which was approved in the National Development plan for 2019.
06.2016 - 12.2016
Drilling and Blast Technician
 Drilling and Blasting supervisor  Analysed works and forecast future problems and table solutions to resolve existing and future problems.  Open cast exploitation data analysis  Achievement: Designed a cheaper work flow and faster crushing plan for the company. A system that raised the tonnage from 250T/Hr to 450 T/Hr in 2016 within 4 months.
10.2016 - 11.2016
Drilling and Blast Technician
Dreamland Rock Quarry
 Drilling and Blasting technician Achievement: the company tested and approved a cost effective blasting technique I proposed
11.2015 - 05.2016
Site Engineer
Mississauga Mining and Exploration Cameroon
 Access and Drilling Pad preparation  Rig Monitoring  LOGGING/Oriented Logging: Geotechnical, Geostructural, Geological Magnetic Susceptibility  Achievement: I was delegated head of the Logging team. I trained the geology team on this
05.2015 - 09.2015
Assistant Engineer
Ministry of Mines Industries and Technological Development
 Control for Authorisations, Licences, Penalties  Administrative and Technical controls, Surveillance works in Quarries, artisanal mines Mineral Water Exploiting and packaging company  Achievement: was appointed Secretary General for the Mining Exhibition of 2015 data acquisition and planning team.
03.2014 - 03.2014
CnK Mining
 Prospection Techniques for Alluvial Gold  Designed a business and marketing plan for the artisans.  Methods of separation of Gold from Gangue  Achievement: Perfect mastery of artisanal Gold exploitation. Artisan used a more effective exploration and separation technique that I designed.
02.2014 - 03.2014
 Prospection of Alluvial Gold  Estimation of Mineral Deposit  Artisanal Exploitation of Alluvial Gold  Treating of Gold  Effects of Mining activities to Community  Achievement: Perfect mastery of exploration, extraction and separation techniques of alluvial gold
I am an Engineer with a track record of delivering excellent results and effectively commanding operations in difficult environments and highly regulated projects. With over 5 years of cumulative analytical experience gained working for a number of leading water production and distribution, Mineral Drilling and Blasting, mineral exploration, open cast exploitation, and construction companies, I have amassed a wealth of experience across managerial and technical operations as technician, Project Engineer and operations manager. I’m good with QGIS, Autocad 2018, RDM, Coreview, Microsoft tools. SAP Business One Client 9.3, Excellent in English, Fluent in French and a certified IWCF Level 1. With a diploma in Project management and operations management coupled to my rich experience, be rest assured I will be able to inculcate technical and commercial advise to clients, create encouraging opportunities for the professional development and advancement of staff, build protocols that will bring the growth of the business while following company norms. My dedication to serve has seen me with numerous industry awards and I am proven in my ability to maintain the output, working and efficient operational policies
Bac+5 et plus
09.2015 - 07.2017
Masters of Engineering in Mining and Petroleum Engineering
Institut International d'Afrique Centrale
masters of Engineering in Mining and Petroleum
09.2012 - 07.2015
Bachelor of Engineering in Mining and Petroleum
Institut International d'Afrique Centrale
Bachelor of Engineering in Mining and Petroleum
10.2007 - 08.2011
Bachelors of Science in Physics
University of Buea
Bachelors of Science in Physics
01.2020 - 11.2020
Mine Site Safety HSE
Diploma in Mine Site Safety HSE
12.2018 - 11.2020
Diploma in Project Management
Diploma in Project Management
françaisbon niveau
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dans 1 mois
Bafoussam - Bamenda - Bertoua - Buéa - Douala - Ebolowa - Garoua - Maroua - Ngaoundéré - Yaoundé - International
Lieu de résidence : Douala
CDI - CDD - Intérim - Freelance - Alternance - Temps partiel

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