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Types de métiers recherchés
» Achats
» Management, direction générale
» Transport, logistique
» Activités associatives
» BTP, construction
» Chimie, pétrochimie, matières premières, mines
» Electricité, eau, gaz, nucléaire, énergie
Expérience professionnelle . Expérience entre 5 ans et 10 ans
Expérience professionnelle: 
Yenigun Japoma Stadium Construction Project under Teamlogistics Management Contractor
08.2017 - 12.2019
Overseeing daily site Operations motivating and coordinates activities of workers to get the job done on time , links workers and top management levels ofthe project. Logistics and Operations • Instructs workers on daily chores on site • Ensure plans and schedules are adhered to by regular inspection and quality control • Ensures construction is done according to drawings, specifications • Ensures quality standards of materials, processes and workmanship are maintained • submits daily progress report to hierarchy • Works closely with project’s owner team • Maintains proper documentation including registers, equipment documents, and labour documents, etc • Manages casual laborers in and around the warehouse. • Implements and ensures clear loading / unloading procedures, correct stacking and turnover (FIFO) procedures. • Maintains the Warehouse activity book recording all outgoing and incoming receipts and activities. Facilities Management • Positions and allocates all Site offices, site stores, workshops, and canteens, etc. along with the necessary furniture,ventilation, and lighting, etc. • Access to the site, as well as, various units such as site office, stores, and workshops, etc.
Facilities Supervisor
Bowleven /Euroil Ltd,Bomono Onshore Douala Cameroon
12.2014 - 05.2017
Serve as focal point for all Bowleven / EurOil Staff in the field on facilities Matters. Providing guidance in daily operations, on accommodation,office space and cleaning etc . Coordinates financial management for maintenance, planning, Implementing HSE Policies and Procedures especially for all works done on site and , provide recommendations and changes for improvements where necessary and reports to the operations Manager. Ensure that HSE processes, rules and policies are respected , reported and participate in the daily HSE Action Plan and responsible for signing of PTW, SWP, after all Risk Assessments for JHA are carried out for each task, operation and phase.Overseas Project monthly expenses on general facilities, and ensure appropriate support is provided to Project team and Sites. My responsibilities includes • Trevel management –Tickets,VISA assistance,airport pick ups and departure transfers • Residences and Hotels supervision, reservations • Supervise trips via JMP Journey management plan ie getting the departure and arrival time • Contract Management follow up and close supervision of sub contract • Purchasing , Warehousing and inventory Control, flow in and out goods against receipts • Fleet management,allocation of vehicles ,driver schedules, mileages against fuel consumption and spot checks on cars ,controls aids in the cars,
Logistics Coordinator
Bowleven-Euroil , Douala Offshore ETINDE Drilling Project
01.2011 - 12.2014
• Recommend optimal transportation modes, routing, equipment, or frequency to the management for transportation of wheat from port to base / warehouse to ports • Establish & monitor specific supply chain-based performance measurement systems. • Create policies or procedures for logistics activities • Resolve problems concerning transportation, logistics, imports/ exports, or contractors issues. • Participate in carrier management processes, such as selection, qualification and performance evaluation. • Monitor product import processes to ensure compliance with regulatory and legal requirements . • Ensure carrier compliance with company procedures for product transit and delivery. • Direct distribution operations to ensure achievement of cost, accuracy, and timeliness • Negotiate transportation rates and services. • Develop risk management programs to ensure continuity of supply in emergency scenarios. • Collaborate with other departments to integrate logistics with business systems and processes, such as customer sales, order management, accounting, and shipping. • Analyze the financial impact of proposed logistics changes, such as routing, shipping modes, product volumes or mixes, or carriers. • Direct inbound and outbound logistics operations, such as transportation or warehouse activities, safety performance, and logistics quality management. • Participate in port clearing, and transportation activities along with C&F Agent.
Agency Administrator
PRO-SERVICE Group Ltd-Corporate Travel Management
10.2007 - 01.2011
Corporate Travel Management • Manages contracts with a number of companies ,Prologique,Ericsson,Slumbergere,Acatel etc • Assists them in visas procession for their staffs • Arrange and Executes their departures and pick ups from the airport • Checks and confirms all their logging facilities,hotels,guess houses Restaurants etc • Meets and greet their staffs and retrieve their loggages from the airport • Keeps records of the staffs arrivals and departures dates. • Communicates all flights infos,stating all delays and cancelled flights to our clients • Searches and issues moderate price airtickets according staff levels • Manages events and reserves different halls for conferences and meetings Fleet Management- Car Rental • Manages a fleet of 25 cars • Allocates vehicles to our cients upon request • Review all transportation paperwork inclusive of driver logs, trip reports • Record mileages for fuel consumption. • Regular checks and inventories • Plans constant checks on vehicles to know due cars for maintenance • Review driver’s hours properly and submit apt timecards to payroll. • Request and approves quotes for all repairs,fuel • Carry out preventive maintenance as well Tourism and Events Management • Prepares tour packages for our clients within the country • Inter Regional tour guidiance njamena and Bangui • Reserve facilities for our clients for their events
Logistics Assistant
. Transocean Offshore /Onshore ,Douala.
03.2005 - 07.2007
• Meet and greet air and sea ports • Plan and allocate transportation for offshores and onshores • Prepares Offers for Bids in accordance with the bidding guidelines and coordinates activities • Prepares regular requisitions for gas/oil, repairs and maintenance of vehicles, distribution of supplies, equipment and fixed asset as well as other clerical and administrative services such as photo-developing/copying, security services and housekeeping. • Ensure the effective management of store to ensure the effective implementation of program activities with no reports or incidents on mismanagement of store, • Follow-up with the driver the vehicle maintenance, fuel analysis, as against mileages • Review the vehicle log book weekly for a proper follow-up of the driver movement, • Books and reserve hotels and residences before arrivals
Good negociator, commuicator, Team player, work under pressure, innovative, Flexibility,, Meeting dateline, Respect for hierachy
Formation . Bac+5 et plus
Higher professional Diploma in Logistics and opertions management
Higher institute of Technology Buea
10.2010 - 10.2012
introduction and overview of logistics logistics activities 1.Procurement 2.Demand management, order management, and customer service 3.Inventory management 4.Warehousing management 5.Packaging and material handling 6.Transportation organizational and managerial issues in logistics
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Bafoussam - Bamenda - Bertoua - Buéa - Douala - Ebolowa - Yaoundé - International
CDI - CDD - Intérim - Temps partiel

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