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Types de métiers recherchés
» Gestion, comptabilité, finance
» Management, direction générale
» Banque, assurance, finances
» Conseil, audit, comptabilité
» Electricité, eau, gaz, nucléaire, énergie
» Environnement, recyclage
» Télécom
Expérience professionnelle . Expérience > 10 ans
Expérience professionnelle: 
Receiving Manager
PicknPay Pty Ltd
01.2004 - 12.2004
Receiving Manager at Pick’n Pay with oversight responsibilities over ten storemen and dealing with suppliers’ deliveries and returns as well as queries. Daily activities included the scheduling of the suppliers’ deliveries, the preparation of the storemen work schedules, and the handling of disputes among storemen.
Investment Officer
01.2005 - 08.2012
• E+Co’s Investment Officer, with oversight responsibilities for activities in East and Southern Africa: Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. Activities included identification of entrepreneurs’ needs, provision of business development support, development of business and investment plans, submission of investment recommendations and implementation of the funded business plans in renewable energy and energy efficient SME’s. A thorough understanding of the companies and the sector was needed to operate in this business.
Financial Director
Liquid Telecom
10.2012 - 06.2015
Finance Director of the Leader in Fiber Optic Business in Africa Liquid Telecom with offices in the whole of East and Southern Africa oversees the development and roll-out of the company’s operations and financial management systems in the DRC. Supervised a team made up of three accountants and five bookkeepers. He oversees financial analysis, financial audits, G/L, A/R, A/P and fixed-asset accounting in accordance with IAS standards. Develop and manage external financial relationships (e.g., banks, insurers, auditors) and constantly look for ways to strengthen overall financial performance. He was in charge of reporting, and planning
Chief Financial Officer
Vodafone Cameroon
07.2015 - 06.2017
In addition to overseeing all financial operations, including Treasury, Financial Planning and Analysis, Corporate and Regulatory Accounting, Tax and Investor Relations, I was also responsible for developing and implementing financial systems and reporting structures to ensure Afrimax Vodafone was a highly efficient telecom services provider and a model of financial integrity. I was tasked with ensuring the credibility of the Department by providing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends and forecasts. I had a hands-on lead position on developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive operational costing system. I liaised and coordinated with overseas suppliers and customs officials to ensure the smooth importation of our equipment. I provided executive management with advice on the financial implications of business activities and coordinated the processes for financial forecasting, budgets and consolidation and reporting to the Company. I ensured that effective internal controls were in place and ensured compliance with IFRS and OHADA laws and rules for financial and tax reporting.
Tax Expert, Management Accountant, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Insurance, Importation, Exportation, Logistics, Investment, Taxation, Treasury.
Formation . Bac+5 et plus
Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management
University of South Africa
01.2001 - 11.2003
The Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management is a specialised undergraduate degree that prepares students for the management of monetary resources in an organisation. This programme is primarily aimed at developing financial and managerial skills, to equip students to meet the demand for specialists and leaders in the financial sector. The programme examines financial concepts such as capital, cash budgets, analysis of financial statements, taxation, risk management, insurance, commercial law and provides a comprehensive overview of financial management. In this way, while primarily gaining specialised financial skills, students consider and evaluate different factors in making informed decisions for continued financial growth in an organisation.
BCom Honours Financial Management
University of Pretoria
01.2005 - 11.2006
The BCom Honours (Financial Management- Master I in Financial Management) programme is to strengthen the student’s knowledge and comprehension in the disciplines of management accounting and finance. The programme is comprised of a broad-based curriculum to prepare the post-graduate student for a wide range of finance-related specialities. The curriculum includes six topic areas ranging from management accounting strategy to financial strategy to performance & risk strategy. The programmes emphasise application, analysis and evaluation within Taxation, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management areas as well as the application of integrity and ethics in a professional environment.
Chartered Global Management Accountant
CIMA UK London
01.2007 - 12.2013
The CGMA designation distinguishes professionals who have advanced proficiency in finance, operations, strategy and management. It is underpinned by extensive global research to maintain the highest relevance with employers, and develop competencies most in demand. Management accountants are risk managers, budgeters, planners, strategists and decision makers. They do the work that helps the company's owner, manager or board of directors make decisions.
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