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» Commercial, vente
» Tourisme, hôtellerie, restauration
» Hôtellerie, restauration
» Import, export
» Marketing, communication, médias
» Télécom
» Évènementiel, hôte(sse), accueil
Expérience professionnelle . Expérience > 10 ans
Expérience professionnelle: 
Senior Production Manager/Editor-Anchor and Analyst
Vision View Sports Radio
Depuis 01.2018
• In charge of a 3 hours weekly sports radio show: ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE in designing the show, cutting, editing and scripting . • Directing the show to only showcase the merits and performances of African athletes or of African descent plying their trade either in Africa or overseas in every sporting code – analyse their input and contribution in Africa from Another Perspective, • As a Radio Producer I am responsible for the audio content of broadcasts for a Radio Show called ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE via radio, the internet and other mobile platforms and social media. • Showcasing the performance of African sportsmen and women by profiling their careers, achievements and their contribution to their mother continent, Africa. • Intending to reach out to Africans on the continent and the diaspora. I am involved in the entire process, from generating ideas on News, to managing the audience response after a programme whereby we deal with News, Current State of sports from Another Perspective. • As an Analyst- Producer I manage and work with broadcasting assistants, presenters and DJs, engineers and IT staff, ensuring that the show runs as planned and that it is tailored to key audience demographics. • I am also responsible for the business and commercial management of ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE. I also lead specific responsibilities depending on the show.
Director of Broadcasting - French Africa 2018 Fifa World Cup
06.2018 - 07.2018
• Develop and oversee all broadcast and closed circuit programming for KWESE SPORTS TV with Public Broadcasters in French Speaking Africa, in accordance with the station’s missions and goals. • Manage the development and oversight of production staff and support units to carry out advertisement and publicity materials as per KWESE SPORTS TV commercial Air Time requirements. • Serve as a Senior Manager of KWESE SPORTS TV in Francophone Africa, participating in all long-range planning. • Hire, supervise, evaluate, and assign goals to management and support staff reporting directly to Director of Broadcasting. • Work with local broadcasting Authorities in French Speaking countries in the development of programming for new technologies. • Identify, develop, and provide oversight of programming designed for regional or network distribution, keeping abreast of all industry trends for future marketing objectives. • Develop and analyse audience and program outreach. • Represent KWESE SPORTS TV to the public at large, to the FCC, and other government agencies in matters relative to programming operations. •
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER cum Marketing Copyright Manager
ZED Communications
06.2015 - 01.2018
• Focused on acquiring new business to business technology clients via cold calling and extensive follow up. • Established relationships with local telecommunications OpCo in order to fill company orders. • Generated new business for the firm via cold calls, in person visits, referrals from contacts and networking on social media. • Made an average of 60+ calls per day. • Utilized a CRM to track down old prospects in attempt to convert to new revenue as well as re-establish relationship with previous paying clients. • Produced orders for over $35k+ in fees within the first 60 days. • Established and maintained relationships with several telecoms service providers in Kinshasa (DRC) and Brazzaville(Republic of Congo) area. • Creating slogans and writing print ads for MTN products with the ability to use concise words to create persuasive material that grabs an audience’s attention, by understanding how the audience absorbs information, • Also creating scripts for radio and TV commercials. • Creating effective, persuasive and functional texts, generally sales-oriented to enhance sales for MTN in Brazzaville.
Project Manager
Afro Group Congo SARL
02.2014 - 12.2015
11th All Africa Games in 2015 in September 2015 corresponded with 50th Anniversary of the Games, Golden Jubilee. The Republic of Congo was appointed as HOST. It is in the very country that the Games took place for the very first time ever on Africa soil. 26 Sporting codes were chosen as per ACNOA requirements. Afro Group Congo SARL was appointed as one of various suppliers for the games. As a Project Manager, my duties were to: • Engage with South Africa manufacturers and COJA (Local Organising Committee) with respect to the acquisition of security and safety equipment for the duration of the games, and liaise with politicians, government officials, and civil society across a variety of constituents • Manage key ongoing projects run by COJA, including marketing, Games Sponsors and TV rights, relationship building, planning and coordination for branding around and within Kintele Sports Complex • Field operational requests and queries from COJA • Work closely with Commissions and Sub commission as well as the sales, media, and communications teams to understand their priorities and develop custom projects • Develop a comprehensive suite of materials (presentations, one-pagers, case studies) for use with volunteers on all levels of their involvement during the games •
Business Development Manager
Wemco Group Investments & Trade (Pty) Ltd
02.2011 - 01.2016
• Improving the company's market position and maximizing it financial growth. • Defining strategic goals, liaising with business partners and stakeholders, • Identifying new business opportunities, and keeping up to date with market trends. • Business acumen oriented with analytical thinking, strategic planning, leadership, and excellent communication and networking abilities. • Generated 53% of company revenue for 2013 and 68% of company revenue for January - August 2014. • 2014 YTD (January - August) electrical cabling and switches sales 15% above 2013 annual (January - December) sales. • Achieved 15% increase in 2013 sales versus 2012 sales. • Solved ongoing high voltage installation maintenance problem resulting in successful resolution of issue and multiple additional orders from SNEL (DRC Utility provider). • Contributed to raw material negotiations for key project resulting in 10% additional profit for Nseke dam in the Province of Katanga and Ruzizi dam in Kivu (Eastern DR Congo). • Developed and implemented business plan and marketing strategy for cable piling market. • Negotiated all sales contracts for cable piling market. • Develop and implement training programs and retreats to expand the capacity of all staff
Project Manager - Area Manager
Trinergy Brand Connectors
02.2010 - 12.2011
• As Telecoms Project Manager cum Area Manager, I was responsible for Airtel roll-up plan following the purchase of Zain telecommunications operations in 16 sub Saharan countries in Africa in 2010. As such, my primary duties included taking charge of de-branding Zain Advertisement and publicity features and re-branding them into the new Brand-Airtel. • Took charge of seven (7) French speaking countries where Airtel has OpcOs, namely Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon, Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso and Madagascar. In each of these countries, 2 to 3 major cities were chosen for the implementation project. • In The Democratic Republic of Congo: three main cities – the capital Kinshasa – Lubumbashi and Goma • Republic of Congo (Brazzaville): Brazzaville – Pointe Noire and Dolisie • Gabon: Libreville – Franceville – Port Gentil • Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso • Chad: N’djamena – Doba – Abeche • Niger: Niamey and Maradi • Madagascar: Antananarivo – Tamatave- Antsirabe • I have hired and trained 60 workers in each city, which equates 1080 contractual employees over 18 months.
Country Operations Head
Telkom South Africa
03.2006 - 10.2010
• Responsible for overall due diligence across countries including Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo Brazzaville, Uganda, Nigeria, and DRC (OCPT) • Evaluated CAMTEL (fixed line operator) to make prospective business decision by researching and gaining information about the financial, legal, and other material dealings at Cameroon • Formulated policies, explored & monitored market trends to identify fresh business opportunities and developed new as well as existent markets • Purchased a business stake in A-Link and helped the financial situation of the business, legal obligations, customer records, and other documents at Cote d’Ivoire • Supported the comprehension & assimilation of contractual obligations, rights, scope of work, preparation of MOU’s, Legal Drafting and other contractual documents • Organized various training sessions for teams to enhance their performance and improve delivery • Bid to land the Optical Fiber in Moanda in the Democratic Republic of Congo in partnership with WACS
Managng Member
Jennys Tushka CC
Depuis 07.2004
Sworn Translation & Conference Interpreting, Consulting & Events Management • Over 10 years as a sworn Interpreter and translator my duties include converting information from French into English and from English to French. As such I work with spoken communication for interpreting while working in written communication as a translator. I also: • Convert concepts in the source language to equivalent concepts in the target language • Compile information, such as technical terms used in legal settings, into glossaries and terminology databases to be used in translations • Speak, read, and write fluently in at least two languages, including English and one or more others • Relay the style and tone of the original language • Manage work schedules to meet deadlines • Render spoken messages accurately, quickly, and clearly List of clients in field of interpreting, translation and language tuition/facilitation: Bantu Holding, Rio Tinto, NEPAD, Kora All Africa Music Award, Microsoft, Learnthings (Education material/books for rural schools in Africa : Mathematics, Business Study, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Project conducted under NEPAD), Oracle, Hutch, Multichoice, Supersport, Telkom SA ( Conferences and due diligence missions in DRC , Cameroon, Gabon, Uganda, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo-Brazzaville), Plessy, Octogon, MTN, AUB (African Union of Broadcasters in partnership with SABC),
Director of Communications
AIPD – GL (Action Internationale pour la Paix et le Développement dans les Pays de Grands Lacs
05.2004 - 10.2006
As a Communications officer, I provided media with information about the NGO and its mission statement and objectives. I passionately enjoy to prepare news releases about unfolding of NGO activities and achievements; informing the public and audience plays a pivotal role in endeavouring NGO image and position improvement, writing news releases about changes, such as the appointment of senior executives, a major capital investment program or a significant event such as awareness campaigns and donations; arrange news conferences to make important announcements and deal with inquiries from the media; handle media relations, and meet with executives and brief them on developments.. I have the highest confidence and belief in myself, my teammates, and my direct reports because I consistently meet and deliver on rising expectations and make an impact immediately by performing under pressure
Field Reporter, Sport Editor and Journalist, Analyst & Commentator (Freelancing)
Supersport on DSTV
Depuis 01.2004
• Editorial Meetings: Meeting Sports reporters/writers with their sports editor to discuss assignments, due dates and publishing schedules. Depending on how frequently the print or online publication is created, editorial meetings may take place daily, weekly or more or less frequently. • Production: As Sport Journalist, I perform extensive research, conduct interviews and attend events I am covering, such as games, tournaments and press conferences. • Prepare for Presentation: as such I write articles for publications or scripts for broadcasts while editors or producers ensure all staff members are able to stick to deadline, answer questions and ensure all content is covered; I may also write articles and scripts. • Presentation/Publication: For TV/Radio Broadcasters I read prepared scripts or provide on the spot commentary, news or play-by-play, while directors ensure the broadcasts run seamlessly. Editors ensure the quality of all content and work with designers to present the material effectively in the final print or online publication. • Ability to network with sports figures, athletes and other relevant stakeholders and to brainstorm creative ideas for future issues or presentations. • Working on various assignments at the same time. This involves flexibility with one’s work schedule. For example, as a sports journalist I may have to interview an athlete or attend an event early in the morning or late at night. •
News Anchor and Head Reporter
Afrisat TV
09.2003 - 11.2004
• Use judgment and experience to set the news agenda according to publication, station, or media conglomerate guidelines • Maintain journalistic integrity, accuracy, and fairness. • Focus on local, national, or international news coverage, may it be a subject-specific focus, such as government affairs, politics, or economics. • Employ my expertise to develop professional contacts with subject-matter experts, government officials, and other important figures to best obtain news information. • Working with other newsroom managers or directors to set budgets and fulfil human resources functions related to training, hiring, and managing staff. • Facilitate project planning including the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables; develop full scale project plans • Undertake research, develop proposals, conduct or oversee feasibility studies, and prepare reports to support strategic decision making regarding sport activities across Francophone Africa
Area Manager: French Speaking Territories - Africa
TV Africa ( Free To Air TV Station)
06.2000 - 09.2003
• Supporting the development of employee skills: in line with the corporate strategy, control the formation by optimizing the budget at disposal. • Resolving conflicts in case of conflicts between an employee and management, play an interface role. Listen to employee grievances and seek the most appropriate solutions to resolve the issue. • Developing a salary policy, set wages policy within the company. Manage sometimes salary increments, bonuses and benefits for employees. Dealing with legal and regulatory aspects of employee management. • Also motivating employees and instil a spirit of enterprise. • Ensuring internal communication: ensuring the smooth flow of information within the company. • Concluding negotiations towards the acquisition of rights for 2002 FIFA World Cup, 2002 Africa Cup of Nation • Sponsorship agreements entered into with stakeholders in French Speaking African Countries for sporting events: Diamond League (Athletics). English Premier League in 2000-2002 • Managing all production activities and operations including scheduling equipment and personnel for studio and remote site productions • Participating in annual station, and production budget preparation and prepared cost estimates for equipment and labour •
General Manager
The Colony Executive Suite Hotel, Sandton
06.1996 - 08.2000
• Guard the efficiency/productivity and the company results: • Draw up plans and budget concepts (revenues, costs, etc.); • Safeguard the realization, tracing and adjustment of deviations; • Developing improvement actions, carry out costs savings; • Guard/ controlling of cost price • Delivering of data and proposals for the budgets and investments. • Safeguard quality of operations (internal & external audits) • Manage the various Department Head • Coordinate planning of Department Heads and Assistant Managers with regard to time-tables, work schedules, employment of employees within the different services; solving of bottle necks; • Coordination of the execution of activities via instructions to the Heads of Departments/ Assistant Managers, supervision of the execution; • Determination of the workforce, recruitment and hiring of new staff, supervision of sufficient introduction, execution of performance reviews and training of staff.
Front Office Manager and Duty Manager
Orchidea Hotel, Braamfontein
06.1993 - 06.1996
Managing and training the Front Office staff Ensuring the front desk provides a professional and friendly service for guests Dealing with guests Arranging staff scheduling Acting as liaison between General Manager and staff
Je suis un leader concentré, motivé et professionnel avec un focus particulier sur les objectifs, je l'ai toujours prouvé par ma capacité à gérer diverses responsabilités dans la crise et sous la pression, tout en opérant dans des délais rigoureux. Je suis sûr que je peux obtenir des résultats similaires dans votre organisation. Je sais que je serais un atout précieux dans votre entreprise. La société gagnerait en engageant quelqu’un qui soit très avertis et qui dispose d’un solide bilan de gestion des opérations, ressources humaines, projet et le développement des affaires et qui soit perspicace. Je crois que je serais le maillon parfait pour votre entreprise.. Je suis un professionnel aguerri avec un désir insatiable de succès, indépendamment de la mission m’assignée, pour réaliser les objectifs de l'organisation axés sur les résultats
Formation . Bac+5 et plus
MBA-Master of Business Administration
MANCOSA-Management School of Southern Africa, Johannesburg
02.2011 - 11.2013
At its heart, an MBA is about general management. The degree is a Masters degree in business management theory and practice. It is a broad study of all the main aspects of management. The curriculum includes courses in core studies such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, general management, operations, strategy, leadership and negotiations and elective courses that build on the fundamentals, allowing me to deepen their knowledge and skills in areas relevant to their personal career goals and ambitions. “After doing four years of Business Law … I started getting interested more and more in strategic business questions that I could touch a little bit but not really dive deep into. I found that doing an MBA was the best way for me to get that learning, to get those skills that I needed. The three-year programme worked better for me for several reasons. The first one is having a Law background, I needed to learn the core - the core of marketing, of finance, of strategy. I also wanted to explore different careers,” says
BA Law-Bachelor of Businessc Law
University of Kinshasa, DR Congo
10.1987 - 07.1991
The Business Law Degree Programme was designed for professionals like me who do not necessarily want to become lawyers, but have an interest in law and want to develop a detailed understanding of its operation in the business environment. On the Business Law programme, I studied Law and some interesting subjects: Business Management, History, Philosophy or Tourism. The focus on practical (as well as theoretical teaching) meant I can develop the analytical and critical skills essential for the commercial workplace. I also had the opportunity to study a range of specialist subjects that are relevant to my own aspirations. With a wide range of option modules, including work-based learning placements , and a variety of assessment methods, such as simulated negotiation exercises and presentations, I learnt a range of skills and academic areas to discover where my true interests lie.
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