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Types de métiers recherchés
» Production, maintenance, qualité
» R&D, gestion de projets
» Transport, logistique
» Automobile, matériels de transport, réparation
» Equipements mécaniques, machines
» Industrie, production, fabrication, autres
» Ingénierie, études développement
» Éducation, formation
Expérience professionnelle . Expérience entre 5 ans et 10 ans
Expérience professionnelle: 
Project Manager
CanisProteins Industries
Depuis 03.2012
Project manager of CanisProteins Industries, Mankon-Bamenda. Established and followed-up realization of Exploitation plans. Managed supply and logistics of production unit. Inspected the quality of products. Drafted and directed an HSE Implementation plan. Executed regular workshop and job site inspection visits. Established the treasury plans, financial plan, and analysis of projects of CanisProteins Industries.
07.2010 - 12.2010
Intern in Share-Service Directorate of AES-SONEL Koumassi-Douala Assisted the Director of Procurement and Logistics and Realized risk assessment of the AES-SONEL Koumassi Site, organized monthly QHSE Forums, and executed worksite visits at construction projects on site.
Security Inspection Agent
07.2011 - 01.2012
Senior Security Inspection Agent of SOCOMAR. Did daily inspections of the automobile park of the Douala Sea Port; inspected the security of the park and standardized the operations of the park, and wrote weekly reports on modifications to be carried out.
07.2011 - 03.2012
Intern in HSEQ Division, SCDP Bessengue. Assisted in auditing and management of the petroleum depot’s security and maintenance scheme, studied and criticized business plans of suppliers.
Logistics Consultant
Metal Construction Cameroun
Depuis 06.2012
Logistics Consultant of Metal Construction Cameroon, Industrial Zone Bassa Douala. Coordinated Logistics Operations, and audits, organize quarterly safety and security forums. Consultant for the construction of petroleum waste treatment centers.
Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Consultant
COEXIN Consulting
Depuis 05.2013
Quality, Health, Safety and Environment(QHSE) Consultant QHSE Consultant of COEXIN Consulting (formerly called CRET CIS), Damas Yaoundé. Coordinated QHSE seminars, forums, studies and audits, built internal safety plans and chaired global security forums for COEXIN Consulting client companies like SCDP, COTCO, Les BATISSEURS, CIMAF, ALICO oil etc. Drafted curriculum for the SCDP School of Fire Safety, introduced psychological techniques in security policies implementation.
Catholic University of Cameroon
Depuis 10.2013
Lecturer in the Catholic University of Cameroon, where I prepared and gave lectures in Engineering Economy and Project Planning; Industrial Maintenance; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Systems Analysis and Design; Flexible Manufacturing Systems; Polymer Engineering; Linear Programming and Optimization, Engineering Management Sciences and Mechatronics.
Atlantic Garage
10.2013 - 12.2015
Automobile Mechanics interne at Atlantic Garage Ntarinkon Bamenda, An apprentice of automobile mechanic working on the maintenance of hydraulics systems, engines, electrical system and the transmission system of automobiles.
Part time Lecturer
COLTECH, University of Bamenda
Depuis 10.2015
Part-time Lecturer in the College of Technology (COLTECH) of the University of Bamenda. Prepared and gave lectures in Mathematics for Engineers; Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists and Operational Research.
Part time Lecturer
HITL, University of Bamenda
Depuis 10.2015
Part-time Lecturer Part-time Lecturer in the Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics of the University of Bamenda. Prepared and gave lectures in Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Inventory Management and Production Logistics.
Soft Skills: Enjoy commuting with others: gaining new ideas and sharing mine for more refined outcome; objective with my thinking and very interested in attaining the best possible results; fluent in both English and French and can effortlessly manoeuvre myself with their words through whatever situation I am confronted with; enjoy taking part in cross country racing with some passion in football as an occasional sport; never shy away from learning new ideas, concepts, skills and even diversifying my profession; Functional skills: Ability to generate implantation plans, production plans, operations programming and organisation so as to optimize yields of organisations; can establish clear cut boundaries distinguishing various essential logistics activities, create suitable supplier portfolios for all supplies and orientate their execution for better profits; can manage systems operations and restore them to acceptable levels of functionality through establishing scheduled interventions guaranteeing their optimal yield; can organise and train others on how to organise the hygiene, quality, safety and security of facility operations for better sustainability; can design and make mechanical, mechatronic and metallic items to solve perceived difficulties; can facilitate learning process of others and coerce them into adapting self-beneficiary principles like initiating them to various professional fields and implementing company policies.
Formation . Bac+5 et plus
Genie Industriel
FGI, Université de Douala
10.2006 - 12.2011
Graduated from the University of Douala with a Master’s degree in industrial engineering; Major in Industrial Hygiene, Security, Safety and Maintenance Engineering, Minor in Project Conception and Management. Thesis on “The Implementation of the Security Policies of an Enterprise” Case study: SCDP Douala
Génie Mécanique
HTTTC (ENSET ) Université de Bamenda
10.2013 - 08.2015
DIPET 2 diploma/M.Eng Graduated from the University of Bamenda with a Graduate Degree, Technical School Teacher’s Diploma Grade 2 in Mechanical Engineering; Major in Automobile Mechanics. Thesis on “The Design and Simulation of an Engine. Simulation works realized on SOLIDWORKS and MATLAB.
Génie Mécanique
ENSP, Université de Yaoundé 1
10.2016 - 01.2019
Masters of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering Graduated from National Advanced School of Engineering (ENSP) in University of Yaounde 1; with Master of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering; Major in Design and Numerical Simulation of Structures, Mechanical Systems and of Civil Engineering Structures.
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